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  Should hypertext links be blue and purple?
Could the Web gurus be wrong?

According to Gerry McGovern, hypertext links should be treated like traffic lights, and always use the same colors in a pre-established order: blue, followed by purple.
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Lessons to be learnt for your own site Read
Top five frustrations Experienced by online shoppers.

Pop-ups come first: for 52% of the respondents, pop-ups constitute the element Internet users hate most.
  75% of respondents abandoned their cart without making a purchase (

Reasons for shopping cart abandonment: checkout process is too long (41%), checkout process is confusing (27%). (Vividence)

27% of all web transactions are abandoned at the payment screen (Forrester)

4 visitors out of 5 never come back on a web site ( Nvision)

43% of the bookings fall through because of a bad web site usability (Creativegood)

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