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- Should hypertext links be blue and purple? Could the Web gurus be wrong?

e focus

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-'s new homepage:
lessons to be learnt for your own site

- Visual circuits on web pages: interactions between eye and hand/mouse movements

- What makes a homepage sell?: In order to convert browsers into buyers, the homepage not only needs to be harmonious and coherent, but it must work thoroughly efficiently too.

- Homepage : The Achille's heel of Web sites.

- Customisation versus Personalisation: a behavioural study that questions some eMarketing foundations

- m-commerce and other future innovations: it's time to come back to earth

How often should you send e-mail marketing messages?

- How efficient do pop-up windows and other "blind" advertising campaigns really prove to be?

- No Broadband in sight. What about telling Web designers about it?


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e metrics


- Top five frustrations experienced by online shoppers

- The Top 10 reasons for Shopping Cart Abandonment and Top 10 rules for eRetail success

- eRetail: website quality and browser-to-buyer conversion rates

- Customer acquisition costs down 65% from a year ago: short and medium-term strategies used by retailers

- Financial services: lack of usability and friendly sites, the telephone is back in full swing

- Online shoppers favour basic, really useful features

- Internet users are good customers…offline!

- Consumers are more concerned about the quality and conviviality than about prices

- The 90/20 rule: 90% of online sales accounted for by only 20% of consumers who buy online

- Online customer satisfaction: 1 ; offline customer satisfaction:0

- Start-ups: 10 advice to stay alive


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