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(Extract from Part 3: Identity, welcome, help and trust - Building a successful online identity - Bookmarking window titles)

The following list of favorites shows how important it is to put the site's name first in the window title,
as this is what determines its position on the list:

As you can see, fingerhut.com has put its name after the word "Welcome" and so it is relegated to the bottom of the list, and is difficult for the user to find.

In addition, some lists may contain several "Welcomes", making it even more complicated for users to find the sites they are interested in.

Another detail you will notice in the list above, is that some of the sites use their URL address as a name sites (e.g. BlueLight.com), or they combine their domain name and tag line (e.g. "Overstock.com, save up to 70% everyday!").

We found that 40% of the sites put their URL address in the window title; this seems to have become another web standard.

Finally, even if the title you have chosen is appropriate for bookmarking, make sure that you restrict its length to 64 characters, so you don't do this:


This example, showing FragranceNet.com's title is, in fact, interesting for two reasons. Not only is the text too long to be fully displayed in the user's favorites, but the site has also added the "Registered trademark ®" sign.

In our opinion, this is a mistake, since the main purpose of the title is to remind the visitor of your identity. There is no point in overloading it with non-essential information.

Moreover, FragranceNet.com is the only one of the 100 sites in the study to have added an ® sign to its title.